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Other local Hash House Harriers (Running)

Every Sunday Surrey Hash and North Hants Hash run at 11.00.

Both are good for walking on too.


Pis'toff'en Hash House Harriers also run each Sunday at 11.00. PH3 runs are a bit faster than above's.

Chichester Hash House Harriers run alternate Sundays at 11.00.


Guildford Hash House Harriers runs on Monday nights at 19.30.


Weybridge Hash House Harriers runs Tuesday nights at 20.00.


Barnes Hash House Harriers runs on Wednesday nights at 20.00.




Bashes-Bike Hash House Harriers (Mountain Biking) is a biking only club and ride the last Saturday or Sunday of each month from a train station an hour or less from West London at 12.00 (Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex, Berkshire). Currently dormant.


Berkshire Hash ride on the second weekend each month at 11.00, usually from somewhere in Berkshire.


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