Next H4 run...


The next run, on Sunday 3rd Oct. will start at the Crossways Road car park in Grayshott at 11 o’clock precisely.


The On On is at the Fox & Pelican pub on Headley Road, Grayshott which can be accessed from the footpath at the rear of the car park (RV) that runs down the side of the Sainsbury’s Local.


The Hare is Daystripper.

Note it is "Bring a friend" month so please bring a potential new hasher along.

H4 run list for following months in "Forthcoming runs" link above.

The Chichester Hash House Harriers run area is south of ours. They run on alternate Sundays. Their run locations may be found at


Haslemere Hash House Harriers location
Belted Galloways

Haslemere H3 runs every first Sunday of the month from a location in or near Haslemere, Surrey, UK at 11.00, with

occasional longer runs half way through the month

Other local Hash House Harriers running and mountain biking clubs.

Haslemere Hash House Harriers Logo
Haslemere Hash House Harriers on on

There are many other 'Hashing' or H3 clubs in the UK and all over the world.