Haslemere Hash House Harriers

Haslemere Hash House Harriers had their first run on 5 April 1987 from Crowns (now closed) in Haslemere.  The founders were Martin Odell, Peter Innes-Ker, Philip Currie and Peter Rumble.

Martin Odell started hashing in Bahrain in 1976.  He then went down to Dubai and in 1978 was one of the founders of Desert Hash House Harriers of Dubai and Sharjah of which he was Grand Master until 1985.  When he returned to England he thought he had retired from hashing.

Peter Innes-Ker was introduced to hashing in Manila in 1976, and was Grand Master in 1977.  He also hashed a bit in PNG (crocodiles are the vivid memories) and Singapore and Jakarta. Never in Hong Kong as he was too busy working!

Philip Currie had heard all about the hash from Peter and loved running.


Haslemere Hash runs every first Sunday every month from a location in or around Haslemere at 11.00 all year.


Haslemere Hash House Harriers Logo

How to lay a trail.


Haslemere H3 uses blobs of sawdust for the trail, circles for checkpoints, and three blobs in a triangle for a false trail.